Who is Valeria?

In 2017, fashion model-nutritionist-mother Valeria Lipovetsky wanted to reach more people and make an impact on the world. Utilizing her title as a Holistic Nutritionist and expertise in the fashion world, Valeria began sharing her pregnancy journeys, recipes, and realistic everyday experiences on YouTube. That was just the beginning.

Now, she connects with the world every day.

In 2022, Valeria has a cumulative audience of over 6 million highly engaged subscribers and followers across all social media platforms. She is renowned for her global presence, connecting with her audience through relatable fashion, beauty, health & wellness, and lifestyle content.

As a mom of three and business owner, Valeria has built what started as one uploaded YouTube video to a large team of expert creators who share her vision and ambition to constantly create relevant, engaging, and contemporary digital content. From styling tips and tricks to how to tackle relationship issues to the everyday reality of being a working mom, Valeria is constantly creating and sharing her life with the rest of the world.


Valeria’s transparency in sharing the behind-the-scenes reality of her marriage, work-life, and family have established an audience that reaches across demographics and border lines.


Working with the biggest names in the fashion industry, Valeria combines that knowledge with relatable and timeless hacks for everyday use.


Valeria is everywhere - from Paris fashion week to designing in the Meatpacking District - her audience can travel and find inspiration alongside her.


From skincare tips to hairstyling hacks, Valeria’s down-to-earth approach to beauty fosters a massive audience who trusts her expertise.


Her background in nutrition fuels Valeria’s content on not only health, but taking us along in the journey of her fitness, lifestyle, and mental well-being.