April 30, 2022

Advertorials: Underpriced Attention At Its Best

How to utilize our newest offering to position your brand.

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Audiences are seeking fresh influencer trends from which to draw inspiration from. We're constantly tapping into what our audience is most excited about so we can create compelling content - and that includes our newest sponsored format: written Advertorial articles, starting at $2,000 USD.

How Advertorials Work

Advertorials combine advertisements and editorials for a unique written format. Using in-depth understanding of our 6+ million engaged global audience (comprised of the most sought after 18-35 year-old female demographic) and their engagement patterns, our experienced writers strategically position your brand alongside Valeria's premium Vogue and Forbes championed personal brand - establishing a meaningful connection between the value of the content and your brand itself. See latest examples in the list below:

Verishop: 7 Must-Have Knits For Chic Comfort

Paige Denim:
5 Dramatic Denims That Will Sweep Your Spring

Revolve: The Magnificent Return Of The Mini

Joe Fresh: Dress Chic & Sleek In 5 Moves Or Less

Vital Proteins: Can Collagen Actually Make A Difference In My Fitness Journey?

The Impact of Advertorials

  • Advertorials are promoted using in-house designed assets, shared to Valeria's Instagram stories (1.8M followers, average 950k story views), Facebook page, and the Verie by Valeria Lipovetsky Instagram feed and stories, with your brand's tag included for maximum visibility.
  • Our Advertorials garner an average of 7K page views, per article, with opportunities to further boost, share, and increase that engagement.​
  • Advertorials have an unlimited lifetime your brand can link itself to, expanding the opportunities to boost or promote content.​
  • Readers spend an average of over 3 minutes on our Advertorial webpages - which points to the fact that Advertorials are being read in full, considering our average total read time lies between 2-4 minutes.​
  • Advertorials are sent as exclusive emails direct to Valeria's most dedicated community members, currently standing at 23,000+ engaged subscribers.

Reach out to our Director of Strategic Partnerships, Kimberly Basian or respond directly to this email to discuss all the ways an Advertorial can be a part of your partnership with us, and to receive a copy of our Advertorial Partnership One-Pager.

Featured Content

4 Expert Tips For Your Healthiest Hair Ever


Our data has shown that our audience consistently engages with informative guides within the pillars of beauty and style. This format also provides multiple opportunities to position hair care products within the article using clickable images and in-text hyperlinks. Also, by using an image of Valeria in all promotional material for this piece, the audience knows they are reading her perspective, which our research has shown drives high engagement.

Article Views: 39K
Instagram Story Impressions: 210K
Instagram Story Link Clicks: 5.7K
Email Opens: 6.8K

Why We Don't Buy Our Children Gifts


Valeria's brand is fueled by transparency, in particular her openness when connecting with her audience about parenting challenges. This strategically controversial title encourages engagement, and the topic itself successfully created a dialogue with her audience, encouraging repeat views of the webpage and retaining audience attention on our website for a longer period of time.  

Article Views: 91K
Instagram Story Impressions: 146K
Instagram Story Link Clicks: 9K
Email Opens: 5.6K

10 Prenup Questions, Answered; And 3 You Don’t Dare Ask


Based on our audience’s readership data, we know that articles that tell a story about relationships and family perform well. This article’s high performance is due to its promotion via an email campaign and sharing on Valeria's Instagram stories and Facebook page. The article continues to drive organic traffic months after its publishing with zero additional promotional efforts since.

Article Views: 29K
Instagram Story Impressions: 119K
Instagram Story Link Clicks: 9.8K
Email Opens: 7.5K

7 Steps To Forever Young Skin


Valeria's audience trusts her knowledge when it comes to skincare, so an Advertorial which seamlessly positions skincare products within the context of Valeria using them in her routine to maintain youthful skin is a powerful way to legitimize products, and elevate brands in her audience's eyes.

Article Views: 18K
Instagram Story Impressions: 131K
Instagram Story Link Clicks: 4.6K
Email Opens: 5.5K

6 Signs That Stress Is About To Eat You Alive


Health & Wellness is one of our Editorial brand pillars and a key area of focus for 2022. We see that our audience is interested in informative, value-driven content surrounding wellness and specifically, self-care. This article continues to drive revenue because we strategically input Verie’s Sleepwear Collection into the article by in-text hyperlinking to specific products, including an image of Valeria wearing the product while talking about a related topic in the article: the importance of sleep.

Article Views: 12K
Instagram Story Impressions: 258K
Instagram Story Link Clicks: 10K
Email Opens: 6.8K

What Are Your Love Languages, And Why You Should Care


Valeria's audience recognizes her for her openness and transparency when it comes to marriage and family. It's part of her brand, and it's one of the ways she connects with people around the world. Situating the hero image of this piece as a picture of Gary and Valeria informs the reader that this article will share personal insight, perspectives, and stories about their relationship - and therefore drives interest in and encourages engagement with Valeria's brand.

Article Views: 21K
Instagram Story Impressions: 199K
Instagram Story Link Clicks: 3.7K
Email Opens: 6.8K

6 Dressing Rules Every Woman Should Know Once And For All


Valeria's 15+ years in the fashion world has given her the opportunity to learn from influential industry experts. Laying out these learnings and personal experiences in an informative, listicle format promises to give the reader useful hacks they can incorporate into their own dressing routine. This format also allows for easy positioning of product images and in-text hyperlinks within the article itself, as we did with the Knix underwear set, and Verie sunglasses.

Article Views: 15K
Instagram Story Impressions: 146K
Instagram Story Link Clicks: 8K
Email Opens: 7.3K

7 Must-Have Decor Items For Zen Home Energy


We know that our audience engages with Valeria to see an inside look into her life and work. She talks openly about striving to reconnect with herself, so topics on the theme of energy, lifestyle, and home-life instantly fits with her brand and therefore connects with our audience. Also, this list format is a seamless way to spotlight specific products and drive traffic to a brand's page, while writing about the benefits of that brand's product as it pertains to the theme of the article - zen home energy.

Article Views: 8K
Instagram Story Impressions: 294K
Instagram Story Link Clicks: 2.5K
Email Opens: 7K