March 25, 2022

How Usage Rights Are Boosting Engagement In 2022

The value of paid media with influencers.

Written By:
Valeria Lipovetsky
Founder, Creative Director
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 VALERIA INC. has grown immensely in the past two years and the fact that this January was our biggest month to date tells us we’re on the same trajectory for the remainder of 2022. This growth makes me especially thankful because more partners are taking advantage of Paid Media opportunities with our partnership campaigns in the form of top-ups, syndication across platforms, blog posts, content 'boosting', and more! 

We're still creating campaigns through our traditional partnership structure, but brands have the option to then purchase usage and put paid media behind the content assets we create together! This is an efficient way to drive engagement once you've already paid for content - it's the small extra push to reach a large amount of people. 

And that extra push makes the difference. Boosting your content can dramatically help its performance (on average, it takes engagement and reach from 800K to over 2-3 million). See examples of our ‘boosted’ campaigns below and how you can use usage rights to continue to capitalize on your content. 

What Can You Do With Paid Media?

  • Ability to Geo-target niche audiences, allowing the delivery of different content to unique audiences based on their geographical location. This gives you more control to capitalize on specific, timely trends in specific locations;
  • Boost your existing content on Valeria's platforms with no added time cost;
  • Dark Ad implementation where we can distribute assets for your brand's use to reach target audiences (these do not live in Valeria's feed, but rather appear on your brand’s feed).

Reach out to our Director, Strategic Partnerships Kimberly Basian for details on purchasing usage rights, paid media opportunities with us, and to get a copy of our New Media Kit



Benefit Cosmetics: Mascara For Every Lash



By partnering a fashion-forward look with each mascara, we were able to seamlessly integrate Valeria’s USP and appeal with Benefit’s product catalog. The product is demonstrated on Valeria while offering further value and entertainment to the audience simultaneously. Benefit Canada paid to "boost" this content, meaning they chose to promote this individual post on TikTok, allowing it to reach more people outside of Valeria’s direct following, but while leveraging her existing brand and likeness.

Views: 5.0M 
: 121.3K

Shiseido: Ultimune Power Infusing Concentrate 3.0 & Discount Code



We presented a close up of Valeria with a very natural, fresh-skin look which we know her audience will immediately recognize because of her well-known content surrounding natural skincare routines and no-makeup tutorials. Using quick transitions matched to a trending sound, we incorporated close ups of the product itself as well as Valeria applying it to her skin. The smooth and seamless application of the product is not only communicating the ease of use, it's undeniably attractive as the camera focuses on the glowing after effect of Valeria’s skin. This mini tutorial of the concentrate matched with the promotion of a discount code with Sephora encourages repeat watches and shares to friends, which ultimately drove high engagement. 

Views: 2.3M
: 20.1K

Lincoln: Boosted Campaign x3


Aviator Transition

The power of this content is through using transitions that are native to TikTok. They're fast, which encourages repeat plays, and the spinning camera allows for a unique and subtle visual of the vehicle's wide range of features (like moveable seats and dashboard smart technology). The use of upbeat, trending music also connects to the reference in the caption. Lincoln 'boosted' all of their TikTok campaigns which drove views for each piece of content into the millions.

Views: 2.9M 
: 12.3K

Lincoln: Personal Concert

We know that featuring Valeria's free-spirit, humor, and positive energy in content drives the highest engagement for both organic and paid content. Paired with quick transitions highlighting specific features of Lincoln's vehicle and upbeat, trending music, this is a great example of content that successfully retains audience attention. We’ve found that TikToks between 7-12 seconds actually perform best since replays are more likely to occur, therefore positively influencing the algorithm and reaching larger audiences. 

Views: 3.1M
: 9.2K

Lincoln: Your Top 5 Features 

Rather than utilizing trending music like the two Lincoln content pieces before it, this piece is longer in running time and has voiceover commentary by Valeria about the vehicle features and why they impress her. We still used quick and seamless transitions between features to retain audience attention and posed a question about which feature they're most excited about - prompting engagement and repeat plays. 

Views: 4.2M
: 12.6K