Why Giveaways With Influencers Actually Work

Giveaway partnerships are open for 2022 & strategies that make them successful.

Written By:
Valeria Lipovetsky
Founder, Creative Director
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This year, I’m hitting the ground running by focusing on projects that help me connect with my audience in a more meaningful way.

In December 2021, my Twelve Days Of Giveaways was a massive success with a total reach of 5.5 million and extremely high engagement demonstrated by a collective 145,000 comments. In light of this, we’ve decided to offer giveaway partnerships throughout 2022 to capitalize on the campaigns that benefit our audience and partners in a significantly positive way. Partners signed on immediately for Valentine's Day and Mother's Day giveaways.

Along with huge engagement numbers (and over 30K followers gained in December 2021 alone), not only did these campaigns help our partners reach year-end goals (Knix's giveaway with us pushed their social following over their 2021 target just in time) but I also had the opportunity to share products I love from brands I believe in. You can take a look at our Holiday Giveaway snapshot below for an insider’s view into our strategic approach.

If you're interested in partnering with me in a giveaway, email our Director, Strategic Partnerships Kimberly Basian for all the details!

Featured Content

Twelve Days Of Giveaways | Knix


Knix Giveaway branded image

Strategy: Having previously partnered with Knix, this giveaway fit seamlessly into our overall content narrative. With a value of $500 USD, having myself fitted in the products, and prior exposure to my audience, this giveaway became especially attractive to my community. The rules for entry were simple: follow myself and Knix, and tag friends you’d want to watch a movie marathon with! Engagement is encouraged by asking a fun, non-product focused question that still ties into the theme, while opening the prize to international audiences and not putting a cap on the number of entries.


Accounts Reached: 762K

Following the campaign, Knix told us that this giveaway specifically sent them over the edge to meet their 2021 goals for follower count at the end of December. The excitement surrounding the contest and holiday-themed messaging resulted in increased visibility on Knix socials.

Twelve Days Of Giveaways | Verie 




Strategy: By offering a total of three necklaces, we were able to heighten excitement around this giveaway. Through exposure to Verie year-round, my audience is familiar with these products and have had multiple touch-points with them to this point which further increases eagerness to win. By using images where I styled the necklaces, the audience was able to visualize the products clearly and imagine them in their own hands. We ran a total of three giveaways with Verie, two of which included other partners, which worked to maximize engagement across multiple brands. 

Accounts Reached: 920K

Outcome: During the two days that the Verie giveaway was live, their Instagram account gained 6,421 followers and resulted in 10,000+ new sessions on their website.

Twelve Days Of Giveaways | UGG Canada



Strategy: This is yet another example of a brand who my audience is familiar with, through prior campaigns. The giveaway was focused on a complete cozy set, featuring three different products (robe, boots, slippers), and this particular prize made it easy to lean on the narrative of engaging in self-care during the holidays. We prompted people to tag their friends and share their favorite holiday treats to encourage engagement in a fun, authentic way and envision themselves enjoying the set I’m modelling in the cover photo.

Accounts Reached: 831K

Outcome: By offering multiple products that are on theme with the winter season, and encouraging unlimited entries for people to "tag their bestie", we created a high amount of engagement and visibility for UGG Canada's winter products and Instagram page.